International Connections

International Connections

Internationally connected to enable you to transact business efficiently. WWR are members of GMN International.

GMN International was formed in 1977 and throughout it’s long history it provides our clients, partners and employees with global connections. The capability to:

  • Access one of the world’s leading International Accounting Affiliations being ranked in the top 30 with over 70 firms
  • Leadership skills on an international stage for our partners
  • International staff secondments

The aims of GMN International are:

  • To maximise our client’s business and profit opportunities,
  • To service clients world-wide, and
  • To broaden the scope of our professional services.

Why did we choose membership of GMN over other networks?

  1. In the late 1980’s there were few independent associations other than the Big 8 or the second tier firms. We were attracted to GMN International because GMN International’s associate firms are legally independent and have a similar mindset to us.
  2. We were particularly interested in the partners within the firms and how we could relate and access their experience and technical abilities.
  3. The ability to telephone a colleague in another jurisdiction and discuss a client’s affairs promptly and professionally is invaluable.
  4. This was important to us because these colleagues would be dealing with our clients. If we felt uncomfortable with the people then how would our clients react? On meeting the people behind GMN International we identified quite quickly they would fit perfectly with our firm.

Since joining, what advantages has WWR gained?

  1. The partners and employees have the opportunity to fulfil leadership roles within an international organisation. 
  2. Allow our team to engage with other international accounting and advisory firms .
  3. The opportunity to share local skills and knowledge:
    1. Develop career paths.
    2. Provide exposure to the firm.
    3. Enable our clients’ needs to be serviced with confidence.
    4. The ability to mentor our partners, staff and clients. It is an important aspect of business that is often overlooked.

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