Corporate Governance Courses

Online Corporate Governance Training Courses

Governance of Charities & Not For Profits

A practical and hands on Course designed to give Directors & Trustees a comprehensive overview of good governance practices with workshop case studies, to take away the mystery of financial statements. Dennis Robertson has developed this course after a long and successful accounting career; including Auditing of Charities & Not for Profits, whilst also having extensive experience as a Director of a number of charities, a private school and a NSW State Councillor with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. The course can be presented to your complete Board or to those new to the role of a Director.

The next course will be held on 6 April 2024. Please contact Dennis on (02) 9264 9144 or to book in of for more information. 

Webinar for Governance of Registered (Employer) Organisations & Federal Trade Unions

The Registered Organisations Commission, in April 2020, approved our webinar version of this training package.

The Fair Work Legislation and the Fair
Work  Commission require officers of federal trade unions and registered
employer organisations to undertake an approved training course in corporate
governance. Weston, Woodley & Robertson’s course is so approved. 

Dennis Robertson developed the course following his joint investigation for the Health Services Union.

Topics that will be covered in the course include:

  • Role and obligations of Councillors/Officers
  • Statutory Obligations of Councillors/Officers
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Case Studies

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